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1. RTE legal notices and procedures

  • Editeur du site

This website is the property of RTE, a limited company with a capital of 2 132 285 690 euros, with headquaters located at Immeuble Window, 7C place du Dôme, 92073 PARIS LA DEFENSE Cedex, registered under no. 444 619 258 RCS Nanterre, Tel: +33 (0)1 79 24 80 00

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Thomas VEYRENC, RTE strategy, prospective and evaluation director 

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2. Technical information

This website has been optimised for the following minimum settings:

  • Screen minimum resolution 1024 x 768 
  • Browser supporting HTML 5: Microsoft Internet Explorer from version 9, Firefox, Chrome, Safari.

The « » website can be accessed 24/7 with the exception of unforeseeable circumstances, IT issues, issues affecting telecommunication systems or technical difficulties.

For maintenance purposes, RTE may interrupt access to the website and will do its utmost to notify users beforehand.

RTE shall not be held responsible for direct or indirect damage potentially resulting from access to or use of the portal, including inaccessibility, loss of data, damage, destruction or viruses that may affect the user’s IT equipment, and/or the presence of viruses on its website.

Costs incurred through access to and browsing on the "" portal shall be exclusively borne by the user.

3. User compliance with legislation

RTE informs users that all current laws and regulations apply to the "".

The user undertakes to refrain from using the website in order to:

  • Pass on, by any means whatsoever (email or other), any content including programmes, codes, viruses, etc. intended to destroy or restrict the website’s functionalities; pass on, by any means whatsoever (email or other) –  in the interactive services offered on the portal – any illicit or harmful content, including offensive, insulting, libellous, slanderous, degrading, racist, xenophobic, sexist, pornographic or threatening messages, or any messages that could incite hatred or harassment and that could compromise the right to privacy, or any messages unrelated to the website’s topics of interest,
  • Pass on, by any means whatsoever (email or other), any content violating intellectual property rights, industrial property rights or personality rights, etc.

Violation of the above may trigger criminal or civil penalties.

Furthermore, users shall undertake to comply with the provisions of statute no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 pertaining to information technology, files and freedom of information. Violation of these provisions may trigger criminal penalties.

With regard to personal data that users may access, the latter shall also refrain from collecting this data, using it unlawfully and generally speaking, from any acts that may compromise people’s privacy or reputations.

4. Conditions of use and content of the   "" website

While RTE has taken all possible measures to offer users available and verified information and/or tools, it shall not be held responsible for any errors or omissions, or for the unavailability of information and services.

Any unauthorised use of the portal or its content, or of the information provided on it, would trigger the liability of the user and be considered as counterfeit penalised by articles L. 335-2 etc. of the intellectual property code. In cases where the user may wish to use any of the portal’s content (text, image, etc.), they undertake to request RTE’s prior written permission.

Additionally, with regard to such permission, the requesting party shall provide their source and RTE shall not be held responsible for the use made by the former of any content that they agree to use under their exclusive responsibility.

5. Intellectual property

Any information or documents contained on the "" website, as well as all items created for the website, are either the property of RTE or are provided subject to restricted rights of use and duplication. These items are governed by copyright legislation. Consequently, no licence or other rights, with the exception of the right to view this information, shall be granted to anyone in view of intellectual property rights.

Data published on the "" portal is intended for public viewing and its reuse is permitted subject to the source being mentioned. However, any changes or total/partial distortion of the website or its content, by any means whatsoever and via any medium whatsoever, is prohibited. Only the user shall be held responsible for the use of this data. RTE shall not be held responsible for any fraudulent use, which would be considered as counterfeit penalised by the intellectual property code.

The general structure, as well as software, text, databases, animated images or otherwise, sounds, expertise and all other items comprising the "" website are the exclusive property of RTE or its partners. Any total or partial copying of this website by any means whatsoever, without RTE’s express permission, is prohibited and would be considered as counterfeit, criminally penalised by articles L. 335-2 etc. of the intellectual property code.

RTE brands as well as any logos appearing on the portal are protected. Any total or partial copying of these brands or logos, alone or combined with other items, without RTE’s prior express permission, is prohibited and would trigger the liability of the user as per articles L. 713-2 and L. 713-3 of the intellectual property code.

6. Hyperlinks 

Hyperlinks inserted on the "" portal and referring to other internet resources as well as to partners, have been done so subject to prior express permission.

However, as RTE is not the content manager of these websites, it has no control over their content. Under no circumstances shall RTE consequently be held responsible for the content of sites that are accessed in this way, or for any collection and transfer of personal data, insertion of cookies or any other procedures seeking to achieve the same objectives, conducted by these websites.

If a link redirects the user to the "" website and violates RTE’s rights, the company reserves the right to undertake any necessary actions or proceedings.

7. Automatically collected data 

  • Cookies

Cookies are pieces of information stored on the user’s computer by the server that maintains and runs the website. They do not compromise the user’s privacy or security. In order to stop cookies from being saved on their devices, the user should read the web browser instructions. In some instances, disabling cookies may reduce certain functionalities of some websites, or even prevent access to these websites.

  • Data security

In order to protect personal data controlled by RTE, the latter applies the policies, rules and security techniques required by current legislation.  Personal data management policy | RTE (  

8. Change to legal information

RTE reserves the right to amend this notice at any time. Users shall undertake to refer to it regularly. RTE shall do its utmost to inform the public of any amendments to this notice.

9. Governing law and jurisdiction 

Governing law is French law. Any legal disputes shall be exclusively settled by competent courts within the jurisdiction of the Paris Court of Appeal (France).