Find here the data on the French and European electricity markets, including prices and traded volumes. Graphs illustrate market trends, as well as periods of price hikes on wholesale electricity markets. Imported and exported Electricity volumes by France are also represented.

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Electricity trade balance between France and its neighbours

Last update: 17 July 2024 at 10:28
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      This graph represents an annual and monthly overview of the electricity trade balance between France and its neighbours.  

      • Increasing interconnections between regions has long been a priority of the European Union's energy policy. The operation of the power system at the European scale  is a reality, and it proved essential when the system was under strain during the autumn and winter 2022/2023. 
      • In past years, France has mostly been a net exporter to neighbouring countries, but significant supply tension in 2022 caused the situation to reverse, with France ending the year as a net importer.