Find here the data on electricity generation in France, presented either in aggregate or in detail by generation type: nuclear, conventional thermal, hydro, solar, wind and renewable thermal. The graphs illustrate in particular the emergence of new production sectors in the energy mix, with the development of solar, onshore wind and offshore wind power production capacities.

Fossil thermal

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Evolution of fossil-fired thermal generation

Last update: 17 July 2024 at 10:02
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        Informations and sources

        This graph presents annual and monthly fossil-fired thermal generation, in total or segmented by type of fossil-fired thermal generation: oil, coal and gas. 

        The data can be of various kinds:

        • Data from RTE meters and distribution network operators. In order to draw up global consumption or production balances, we need to have an aggregated view of all metering data on the transmission and distribution perimeters. These data are only available on the 15th of each month for the month just ended. Although updates are possible for at least 12 months, the consolidated data is very robust from the first date of availability. Provisional data, derived from telemetry set up by network operators at various points on the power grid, supplemented by estimates for non-telemetered production or consumption. Provisional data provide an initial overview, available very quickly after each deadline; they are not of the same quality as metering data (estimates taken into account, less accurate measurement than metering data, etc.). Graph elements based on provisional data are indicated by a specific pictogram on the portal.

        Production thermique fossile en 2023

        En 2023, le volume de production thermique fossile a baissé de 34 % par rapport à l’année précédente, toutes filières confondues, passant de 49,2 TWh en 2022 à 32,6 TWh en 2023, soit son plus bas niveau depuis 2014. 

        • La filière gaz est repassée en quatrième position dans le mix électrique (6 %), derrière l’éolien (10 %) comme cela avait été le cas en 2020 et en 2021. 
        • La production à partir de charbon, qui avait déjà été extrêmement faible en 2022, a encore baissé pour ne représenter plus, en 2023, que 0,8 TWh, soit 0,17 % de la production d’électricité en France.